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Below-Market-Rate Housing

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition's Out of Reach Report for 2020, Connecticut ranks as the 10th highest state in the nation in terms of the hourly wage needed to afford rental housing. Fair Market Rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in the Norwich-New London area averages $1,191. Spending no more than the standard 30% of income on housing, a renter in our region needs to earn an hourly wage of $22.90. For families who make Connecticut's minimum wage ($12/hour), housing consumes more than 50% of their monthly take-home pay. For these families, the average  apartment is well beyond reach.



Always Home has invested in four below-market-rate rental units in Groton, CT in order to provide a time-limited affordable housing option for eligible client families. By offering economically sustainable rents, this program gives low-income working families  the opportunity to improve their employment and financial stability, develop good tenancy skills, and build their savings.


Monthly rents are invested back into Always Home's mission, providing a reliable and sustainable income stream for our ongoing homelessness prevention programs.