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Below-Market-Rate Housing

Our region's families are facing a housing affordability crisis. Within the past year, the cost of rental housing across Connecticut has soared, pricing  many working families out of the housing market. Always Home's Below-Market-Rate Rental Housing Program adds affordable housing units to our region's available housing stock, and provides families with stable housing they can afford. 

Always Home owns two, 2-family properties in Groton, Connecticut. Each property has two, 3-bedroom, furnished apartment units that we rent to low-income families at rents they can afford. During the course of their lease, families improve their financial stability and credit score, develop tenancy and budgeting skills, and build a positive rental history. The goal is that families become fiscally stronger over the course of the lease and can successfully exit to sustainable housing. Rental income is re-invested into our client programs, thereby supporting other families facing housing insecurity.

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