Father and Son

Emergency Shelter and
Rapid Re-housing

Shelter is never a destination. But for homeless families who have no resources or support systems to fall back on, emergency shelter is their last and only hope. While safely sheltered, families work closely with Always Home's case managers to develop an individualized housing stabilization plan that helps them regain their sense of direction and move forward.

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Rapid Re-housing transitions families from emergency shelter into independent, sustainable living situations as soon as possible, usually within less than 30 days.  Always Home helps families find housing opportunities, assists with security deposits, first month’s rent and moving costs, and teaches good tenancy skills.


By focusing efforts on quickly re-housing families from shelter, Always Home makes better use of limited shelter resources and reduces the amount of time families spend in the stressful state of homelessness. Research shows that re-housing families as quickly as possible is the best approach with regard to the health and well-being of both children and parents.