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Early Eviction Prevention 

"Eviction isn't just a condition of poverty; it's a cause of poverty."


 - Matthew Desmond, American Sociologist, Princeton University Professor, Principal Investigator of the Eviction Lab and Pulitzer Prize-winning Author of "Evicted"

COVID-19 has deepened our region's housing crisis. Low-income families who faced housing insecurity before the pandemic now find themselves unemployed/underemployed and unable to pay the rent. Although Governor Lamont has extended Connecticut's eviction moratorium until February 9, 2021, renters are still responsible for months of unpaid back rent once the moratorium ends. Without significant financial assistance to erase past-due rents, these households face eviction and a higher risk of homelessness in the months ahead.



Beyond the trauma of losing their home and often their belongings, a single eviction on a parent's record follows them for years. It can block a family's access to future housing and exclude them from renting in better neighborhoods. It can negatively impact credit scores and compromise future economic success. In response to the looming eviction crisis, Always Home is focusing our efforts on our EARLY EVICTION PREVENTION PROGRAM, a coordinated set of strategies focused on getting ahead of evictions and homelessness by reducing the necessity of evictions resulting from non-payment of rent. This proactive program is intended to help a household avoid eviction, shelter or homelessness, and regain housing stability.


Always Home's Early Eviction Prevention Program provides eligible families with Case Management and Client Education, Financial Resources and when necessary, referrals for Legal Representation. We guide families in landlord/tenancy negotiations, provide financial assistance with past-due or current rent, and develop budgets to go forward.  With Always Home's help, a landlord won't need to start the eviction process and families stay safely housed and free of the stigma associated with eviction.

If you think you might benefit from this program, please contact

Marlynn Benker at (860) 501-4816 or email her at

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