Volunteers are critical to Always Home's mission of Preventing Family Homelessness. Whether it's volunteering at a fundraiser, organizing a cleanup day at Always Home's below-market-rate rental property, providing holiday baskets or even donating the proceeds of a summer lemonade stand, Always Home is grateful for your help.  Here are a few ideas...  Just click on the icons to contact Always Home staff for for more information.



Like any homeowner, Always Home has a "honey-do" list to keep our below-market-rate rentals in top shape.  Contact us if you would like to clean, paint or help us landscape. If you work in a trade and wish to donate your skills, we have many projects you can help us with.  

The holidays can be times of great joy. But for a family living on the edge of  homelessness, the added expense of holiday foods and gifts is simply beyond the budget.   Please consider donating prepaid Visa cards or gift cards to grocery stores and retailers like Walmart, Target and Kohls . Contact Marlynn Benker  if you would like to sponsor a family. We thank you for keeping holiday traditions and hope alive! 

Join Always Home's fun and creative Events Committee!