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Serving Families With Minor Children

What makes Always Home unique is that we only serve families with minor children and we work proactively to prevent homelessness before it happens. Our programs are designed to: 

  • Problem-solve with families to find solutions to their housing crisis;

  • Reduce the number of families being evicted or spending time in the stressful state of emergency shelter or homelessness; and

  • Give families opportunities to build housing stability and resiliency.

Shelter is Never a Destination

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Jill's Story

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Twylah & Julio's Story

Since 2019, Always Home has responded to the emergency housing needs of 1,714 families. That's a total of 5,438 family members including 3,261 minor children. For a quick snapshot of our most recent fiscal year impacts, click here.


Over three thousand children 

Case management is the primary tool Always Home's staff uses to secure a family's housing and prevent homelessness or shelter stays. We work alongside parents to:

  • Develop housing stabilization plans

  • Provide budget counseling

  • Foster communication between the tenant and landlord

  • Improve tenancy skills


Families who need assistance to preserve existing housing situations or create new ones may receive one-time help with security deposits, first month's rents, current rents and/or past-due rents. By intervening early in a family's housing crisis, when a parent is behind on rent or needs help with a car repair or childcare costs, we help families overcome their housing crisis and build better housing stability going forward.

Daisha's Story

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