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New London Wheels2Work

Always Home's New London Wheels2Work is a program generously funded by a City of New London CT American Rescue Plan Act  (ARPA) grant and  is restricted to low- income families who live in the City of New London, CT.

Do you qualify for New London Wheels2 Work transportation assistance? Please review the following criteria.


  • I live in the City of New London, CT and can provide documentation to prove it.

  • I am the legal guardian of a minor child or children.

  • I am a low-income household.

  • I am employed (can provide current pay stub) or have recently been hired (can provide a letter from employer).     

  • I am the owner or primary driver of a vehicle and can provide the title or copy of the title.

  • I have auto insurance.

  • I have a valid driver’s license.


If you can answer Yes to all the above, you may qualify for one-time transportation assistance. This assistance may include financial help with a car repair, insuring or registering your car, a past-due or current car loan, past-due or current motor vehicle property taxes, paying for an impounded vehicle, bus/taxi/rideshare vouchers or gasoline gift cards.


Please click here to fill out Always Home’s New London Wheels2Work Questionnaire.  Once you have completed your application, please email it to Marlynn Benker at She will review your information to determine if you are eligible for services.


Note that eligible residents will be required to provide additional documentation
(including but not limited to proof of New London residency, proof of employment,
copy of driver’s license, vehicle title and auto insurance policy).

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