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Always Home's client families are low-wage workers who meet the Federal Poverty Level ($23,030 for a family of three) or are an ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) household struggling to meet their rental obligations and other basic needs on earnings well below our region's median family income. The National Low Income Housing Coalition’s 2022 Out of Reach Report details that a renter in New London County needs to earn a full-time, hourly wage of $24.12 or an annual salary of $50,160 to afford a modest 2-bedroom apartment. At Connecticut's $14 minimum wage, a single mother needs to work 69 hours a week to afford housing. 


Always Home's Employment and Work Skills Training program helps unemployed/underemployed heads of household enroll in training, education and certification programs with the goal of improving access to job opportunities and boosting income potential.

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