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Always Home is pleased to announce the appointment of new Executive Director, Betty Smith. Smith is passionate about Always Home’s mission, Preventing Family Homelessness. She has been a member of Always Home’s Board of Directors and an active volunteer. Smith brings to the position a history of high-level, corporate experience and a commitment to volunteerism.

“Always Home is a non-profit that has had an out-sized positive impact in our community and is poised for tremendous future growth,” shares Smith. Of special interest to Smith are the children who, as a result of being homeless, experience detrimental physical and behavioral outcomes throughout their lifetime. “We help families stay together in safe, secure homes. We advise and guide parents in developing habits that help to ensure they don’t become homeless. We offer upstream solutions to many causes of homelessness, including the loss of an automobile, need for a security deposit, and lack of safe, affordable child care. We help families address these problems before they become toxic and homelessness becomes a threat to the development, and indeed, the future of their children,” said Smith. “I am honored and excited to lead Always Home at this time. The work that Always Home does matters greatly to Eastern Connecticut and, most importantly, to the over 200 families we help annually.”

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