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Congratulations Holly!

Woman in green scrubs

Holly is a single mother of three young daughters. Always Home's Social Worker, Marlynn Benker, has worked alongside this sweet, compassionate woman for several years. The journey has been one of physical, emotional and economic growth. All along, as she worked through a number of personal issues, Holly dreamed of being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). That's why she's so proud of her latest success.

With financial support from Always Home's Employment & Works Skills Training program, Holly recently completed her CNA course at New London Adult Education. As part of the training, she was required to complete hands-on clinical hours which she fulfilled at Fairview. CNA work is demanding, but Holly's inherent empathy makes her an excellent caregiver. All of us at Always Home are very proud of Holly for never giving up on her dream. Congratulations, Holly!


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