State's Rental Housing and Mortgage Assistance Programs open July 15th

The pandemic has created critical housing insecurity throughout the nation. As re-openings are paused or in some cases dialed back, those who lost their jobs aren’t being rehired. At the end of July, the $600 weekly unemployment supplements end. Paying the rent or mortgage will become even harder. Connecticut’s response to this housing crisis has been extremely progressive. Gov. Lamont was one of the first governors to issue an executive order preventing evictions. That executive order was recently extended until August 22nd. At the end of June, his administration also released $33 million in emergency assistance for renters, homeowners and landlords. This includes emergency assistance for r

Staggering 40% more families served

326! Number of families Always Home served from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 - a staggering 40% increase over last year. 1,057! Number of family members we helped stay housed. 638! Number of children who avoided the lasting trauma of homelessness. None of this would have been possible without your support. Our deepest and most sincere thanks.

Prevention Works!

Four-year-old Josh and his mom faced homelessness earlier in the year. With your support, Always Home was able to pay back rent to halt their eviction. Five months later this family is still stably housed. Mom is working a full-time job she loves and Josh is thriving at daycare.

Emergency Housing Assistance Available to City of New London families

Always Home is grateful to the City of New London for a generous grant that will provide emergency housing assistance to New London families impacted by Covid-19. Always Home will screen clients for eligibility. In order to qualify for an application, families must be a current resident of the City of New London, have minor children in custody, and be in one of the following housing crisis situations: 1.Homeless (Already evicted or foreclosed on); 2. Imminently homeless (Renters have been served a Notice to Quit or Homeowners have been served a Summons, Complaint and Mediation Certificate); or 3. At risk of homelessness (Unable to pay a past-due or current rent or mortgage payment which will

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