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Always Home's Below-Market-Rate Rentals Keep Families Housed

For low-income, working families who are priced out of our region's costly rental housing market, Always Home's below-market-rate housing is an opportunity to improve financial stability, develop good tenancy skills and build savings. In the words of a current tenant...

"Below Market rent has helped me to provide more for my children. I have two children a boy and a girl ages 3 and 9. So a three bedroom is badly needed. I can’t find a three bedroom in a nice neighborhood that’s affordable. It’s a scary thing to not know if [you're] going to be able to make your rent every month because it’s so high. You can’t take a day off from work even if you’re sick because every dollar is already accounted for. And making rent is a must. But below market rent eases my mind a bit....Overall things aren’t easy but it’s a big relief not to have to pay high rent and still be able to survive. And not just you but your children are comfortable."

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